Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum in Fort Myers, Florida: How Do You Sucketh? Let Me Count the Ways

I guess I shouldn’t complain about what I considered to be terrible service from Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum.  I’ve learned that it helps if you try to look at the positives you get out of an experience, so, with that in mind…

On May 14, 2012, we contracted with Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum for what should have been a very small job.  We wanted to have paving stones put in over the asphalt deck that already surrounded a very small, existing pool, plus a cage (or, screened enclosure) put up around it.  We didn’t get it in writing on our contract, but we both remember the owner of the company telling us it should be done in three weeks; two weeks to secure the building permit, and one week to do the job.  With gobs of gunk and leaves and decaying shingle shit falling into our little pool, it needed cleaning several times a day, and we were really thrilled to think it would be done so quickly.

Lesson #1:  Always get your project completion date in writing.  Thank you, Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum!  This new knowledge is invaluable!

As you can see, the project area is incredibly small.


On May 22, we gave them a down payment for half of the project.

Lesson #2:  Companies we have since contracted with for other projects have told us that you should never do that.  You only pay a certain percentage after the job has been completed to a certain stage.  Thank you again, Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum!  You taught me just how gullible an asshole I was!  I’ll never fall for stupid stuff like that again!  Whew!  Boy, you saved me from all kinds of future anguish!

Well, four weeks later, we still hadn’t heard back from them.  We were desperately trying to learn patience from this, something I’m told the bible wants us to practice.  I guess Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum was just doing Jesus’ work,  bless their hearts.  But, we finally couldn’t stand it anymore.  We called them.  We didn’t get a return phone call.  We called them again.  No return phone call.  A pattern began.  A call, no return, a call, no return, lather, rinse, repeat.  We got angry.  Then we got angrier.

Lesson #3:  Yes, patience, my child.  Anger gets you nowhere.  Repeated phone calls get you nowhere.  You must also learn tolerance for those less fortunate than yourselves.  Some people are special and struggle through life with an inability to follow through on direction.  We must smile, and remember that it is really much more important to allow them the needed time to watch YouTube videos than do their jobs.  We must remember that they’ve been given this job at Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum because no one else would hire someone who behaves like such a c**t for such an important position as administrative assistant.

Oh!  I forgot to introduce a primary character in our saga! Let’s just go ahead and call her The C**t.   I mean, that’s how we referred to her for four months.  The C**t fielded all phone calls to the company owner.  (In fact, he never did return a single one of our calls.  The C**t even hinted at the fact that he was probably avoiding us.) Then, The C**t began not returning our phone calls, either.  When we did get her on the phone, she was rude, condescending, snippy and insulting in attitude.

Lesson #4:  It’s good to always be reminded that you’re an idiot.  I must always forget I have any intelligence or worth as a human being and remain humble, thanks to The C**t who works for Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum.

I believe it was to shut us up that we were given a start date for the pavers to be laid.  We waited at home.  No one showed up.  We called (yeah, we went through that whole farked-up sequence again) and called and called. Finally, we were told someone would be out the next day.  We waited at home.  No one showed up.  We called.  Oh, fuck it.  Let’s just call this The Pattern.

Did you know that it was possible for every staff member (except the one poor dear who had to answer the phone) to be in a meeting every hour of every working day?  Neither did we!  My, what busy people they were!  We finally decided to expand on The Pattern.  We said that we knew the “meetings” were bullshit, and we were calling every half hour until we got satisfaction.

Lesson #5:  Sometimes, it does pay to be an asshole!  Thanks for letting us win one, Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum!

On July 10, 2012, a crew finally came out to install our pavers.  It took them two days, and they looked very nice.  We were thinking that we were closing in on completion of this project.

Lesson #6: AHAHAHAHA!  I really was a gullible asshole!

Now we were faced with the problem that the surface surrounding the pool was two inches higher than the bottom of our sliding glass door.  The contract stated they would be raising this door before completion.  What we didn’t know, was that the little trough between the pavers and the door would fill with water whenever it rained (and south Florida has lots of rain in the summer!) and flow into our house.  With every rain.  All the time. Night and day. We had to bail and mop and bail and mop and bail…  Oh, let’s just call this Pattern #2!

The C**t and Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum didn’t seem to care much about this. We had to live with Pattern #2 for two months.  Two whole fucking months.

Lesson #7:  It’s OK to swear like a sailor when you’re as fucking pissed off as we were.

We finally got a crew out to put up our cage, after much procrastinating on their part because there was an area that needed a poured footer that they hadn’t considered when they bid the job.  Well, fine.  Send out a concrete guy and pour the damn footer!  More of Pattern #1 ensued until dude came out and did this:


They had made it seem like it was some huge job, too.  It took him all of an hour.

Now, we resumed Pattern #1 of calling to get the door raised and the cage done while continuing with Pattern #2 of indoor water removal.  A cage crew finally came out.  We were told they would be done in one day.  At the end of day #1, they realized there was “something about the configuration” of our patio that wouldn’t let them install it right.  Day #2 saw a crew come and tear down the cage that was already put up.  They left it in our yard.


In fact, it stayed in our yard for days and days and days and… Oh, just relax.  I’m not going to name another pattern.  In fact, I’m not going to go into detail about how they had to destroy the top of the tiled, perimeter flower bed you see above to pour cement into the holes in the concrete blocks it was made from, since no one bothered to inspect the job site properly.  In fact, I won’t go into detail about how we had to fight them to get someone out to fix the “finished” cage up to code standards.

We finally went out and moved all the pieces ourselves, since they were killing our grass and we needed to mow.

Lesson #8:  It was a good thing for us to get out there and get some exercise!  I mean, we’re not spring chickens anymore.  We’re not even considered to be middle-aged!  We’re early elderly, and if we hadn’t gone outside and moved all that crap in the hot, Florida sun, we may never have known how out of shape we were!  It’s good for nearly-senior citizens to see how close to a heart attack they really are!  Thank you, Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum!

BONUS!!  We were now able to add a new term to the family vernacular.  We all now refer to things as “all Bauer-ed up”, or if someone doesn’t show up, they “go Bauer on you”, or “pull a Bauer”.  Through the magic of the internet, let’s try to make this terminology go viral, OK?  😀

So, we resumed Pattern #1 until they finally sent someone out to put up our cage.  That part was finally, finally done.  Now, we just had to get someone out to raise our door so we could stop with Pattern #2, because until you’ve bailed and mopped water with the frequency that we did, you haven’t truly experienced burning, hot hatred and rage with an extreme need for vindication and revenge.  Getting this project done began to consume us.  It was the focus of every conversation.  We lost more than a little sleep over it.  We were fucking Bauering pissed off. We’d also contracted with another company to install hurricane protection on this door, and they couldn’t do it until it was raised.  We lived through one hurricane scare without the protection we’d already agreed to pay for.  So, OK.  I admit I might have turned them in to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation with a complaint of fraud at around this point, too.

Our slider was finally removed.  A footer was poured.  We now had a huge hole in the side of our house.



We couldn’t lock our house.  We lived in fear of rain.  The little room the slider led into had a cabinet with all of our dry food in it.  I began imagining lizards in my Cheerios.  I could barely sleep at night, for fear of critters joining me in bed and zombies lurching into my house.  (Hey, it’s southern Florida.  We have zombies.)  We had this huge hole in our house for four days.  FOUR FUCKING BAUERING DAYS.  A crew came out to fix it, and we were told the footer was poured wrong and it had to be fixed to do it properly.

WRONG!  This is when The C**t was informed that I’d already bookmarked the pages to the local “call for action” news teams, and if they didn’t fix it that very day, they’d be on the 6:00 news.

Funny how that motivates people.

So, it took four months to complete a job (and much of it very shabbily) that was promised to be done in three weeks.  A very small job, as you can see:


Final Lesson #8:  You have to be Bauering nuts to sign a contract with Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum.


52 responses to “Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum in Fort Myers, Florida: How Do You Sucketh? Let Me Count the Ways

  1. I promise to never been be Bauering nuts enough to sign a contract with Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum. Shameful. I wonder how many other people they’ve completely jerked around.

    • I just hope this helps save some other poor suckers like ourselves from going through this kind of misery. This was just totally ridiculous. We might have been small potatoes to them, but this small potato has a really big mouth.

  2. Something good always comes out of something bad, and the good would be this post. I laughed my ass off.

    • Thanks, Vicky. If we didn’t try to make ourselves laugh through all of this, I don’t know how we’d have survived it. There were days that I thought Kevin was going to stroke out. They really had no idea what they were putting us through. And what pisses me off most, is that when we tried to tell them, they didn’t care.

  3. I’m considering moving to Florida and buying a house that needs minor improvements just so I can call Bauer Construction every day to tell them how they wont be getting any of my Bauering money.

    • You could call them and lie about it, anyhow. 😀

    • Good idea! I might move to Florida and buy a house and call Bauer Construction every day and tell them how they won’t be getting any of my Bauering money, too! I can’t believe any company can be so… well how is this not illegal? Have you considered a lawyer? Or have you considered telling them you’ve contacted a lawyer? In fact, I’d contact the local news and chat with them about Bauer Construction Group, Inc. aka Premier Aluminum and how they took your money and tried to run, then were forced to come back and did a crappy job.

      • I’m afraid a lawyer would be more expensive than the job was itself. It was such a small project, that I really can’t believe they Bauered it up as badly as they did. I just submitted my report on them to Angie’s List, and I’ll keep going reviewing them elsewhere until I run out of places to slam them. I’m a firm believer in fate, and that what goes around comes around, so if other agencies and/or media are supposed to get involved in this, they will.

  4. Definitely hope this gets to the Bauering first page of Google… won’t help your situation -but hurting them in their wallets sounds like the least you can do.

    • Nothing would make me happier. A few years ago, I got pissed off by a local restaurant and wrote a blog article for the newspaper. I had over 1000 hits in the first month, and we were told their business dropped off significantly for awhile. You know what we all say: Never piss off a writer.

  5. Bravo, Madam! As someone who wasn’t there, but lived through this with you vicariously, I can attest to excatly how much you’ve grown as a person and consumer through this experience. Point of order: can “Bauer” be swapped out for any instance of the “f” word? For instance, can I say, “Wow, that guy is a real Bauertard”?

    Curiously yours,

    Not-Pants Here.

  6. How crappy! You should rent a porta potty and put their name on it since that’s the only thing their name should be on.

  7. Crappy! Nice article though. It has Gather written all over it. 😉

  8. Wow, I’m sorry they Bauered you over, and didn’t do a good job. So glad you are so good at finding the bright sides. At least there are no lizards in your cheerios.

  9. What a bunch of Bauer-holes! You should send them a link to this article.

    • I linked this post on their FB wall. They never seem to look at their FB site, so it makes me laugh even harder at them. They have no idea about the power of the internet, or what can happen when you Bauer with the wrong person. Bauer them.

  10. Bauering A!

  11. I can’t believe how poor customer service is nowadays!! I’m Bauered off after reading that!

  12. Search engine optimization has got to be awesome on this one!! They’ll never Bauer over another customer again!

    • I’m hopin’ so. Bauer those mother-Baurering Bauers. Depending on how you put their name in Google, this post comes up anywhere from #1 to #6. Mission accomplished. 😉

  13. do you know a good company to hire to do a similar job

    • No, I’m sorry to say I don’t. I haven’t had to search for anyone else since this job was finally completed. Maybe a search on Angie’s List would help you. It’s a nominal fee to join, and you don’t have to join for more than a month at a time.

  14. Just imagine how the employees get treated. I’ve worked for them and been in th trade close to two decades and dozens of different company’s. THEY ARE THE MOST SHADIEST OWNERS I’ve ever come across. People like them do not deserve success.

    By the way owners hooked on pain killers now with a bad knee and owners wife now has breast cancer. KARMAS A BITCH!!!!! Or should I say MotherBauer
    Not that I would EVER wish that on my worst enemy. Very sad what there going threw but look how things have worked out in the past year

    Great read and Happy to c someone standup to them

    • Well, I’m sorry they’re going through health problems, but, yeah. Karma is a BITCH. Do good by others, and good comes to you. Several of the employees told us how terribly they were treated, and I’m glad you showed up here and had your say. I hope this article is still showing up in Google searches for them, and I hope I’ve cost them a lot of business. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have, so I feel slightly vindicated. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your career, and hope you find an honest employer in the future.

    • Who is this? Man I’m die’n to know who wrote that. I’ve heard all the same stuff that you wrote. That’s crazy if that’s all true. Very sad, i think she’s bipolar. Gotta take your meds people. I’ve also worked for that company. I couldn’t last 4months, a lot of horror stories going on in there about the owners. It’s terrible! And I mean terrible! Owner kicked his own brother out of the company who was 49% share holder that was originally reluctant to leave. There was a whole drama filled scene around that Friday payday. The Brother told everyone to get all there tools and leave the premiss. Premier was closing down! About 40-50 people thought they didn’t have a job to go to by monday morning. It was a mess (BUT WE ALL COME TO FIND OUT LATER WHAT ACTUALLY WAS GOING ON) Only to find out that the owners wife is sooo greedy, she convinced her husband to buyout the little brother at all cost! And they did. They thought what are we paying him for? Well he only builds the cages and manages all the installers. Pretty much does all the grunt work. So guess he was expendable…? They are Greedy people who don’t know how to give back to the people who helped them become successful. Without the employees working there butts off (with NO overtime pay,NO BONUS) a company that size would Have NOTHING! I think they actually believe they have all there success because of themselves. Which granted hard work goes a long way, especially if your driven but never can be done all by oneself. They look at there employees like there scrubs, that don’t need much money to survive. ((Always figuring out a way to find some sort of back charge)) Like as if your a number and have no name to them, and if you can’t go over and beyond to help them, your a worthless #, that will be replaced. I’m telling you they are heartless in-compassionate people. The problem for the employees working there is the economy aint the best and they know it, so they take Advantage of the times and workers have to deal with it. And that’s where there main faults come in. Nearly everybody there is bad mouthing the company in the morning, THERE MISERABLE over there!!!!! It’s very well known in our area that all the talented aluminum installers steer away from working there. They may go there and check out but are gone in weeks at most months. Nobody talented sticks around. Some material distrubtors in our area, dont even like them. Premier has to pay cash to buy material locally. Because they avoid at all cost to pay there monthly bills. Awful way to run a biz. There also banned from ever working with any Lennar and Pulty builders ever again(those that dont know, those are nationwide builders)
      And Now what I hear is that since time has run its course there struggling to hire talent and they can’t just replace the #’s (employees) with another #
      They cant find anyone to come in and fill an application unless there from a Craigslist ad, that there constintly posting. Because there’s NO installers that wanna help grow that company. Who the hell wants to start a career, to a company that is anything but Loyal?
      So they now have there own trained guys and or druggies/addicts working there. They are absolutely the bottom of the barrel if your talking “installers”. Just look at there installation work, not all there work but yeah a good amount is sketchy installation. I believe that’s because of how they’ve been treated. You got a guy with a bad attitude on a job because he’s miserable with where he’s working. He’s not gonna wanna put in that extra care and time to be proud of his work before he ever leaves a job. So there’s NO PRIDE in the installation there. Now I will say they build very Strong Sturdy pool-cages! There structurally built a little stronger than the avg company.
      (NOT all company’s) I hated installing there jobs, very time consuming compared to other company’s designs. Not sure who’s still there, but they had a few guys that really knew there shit. But would be absolutely shocked if they were still there. I’ve takin the time to write this because they’ve just straight up have not paid me for certain jobs that I’d work on a Saturday. Or hours upon hours of O.T. That I’ve never been payed for. I know I could go to the labor board but that happened so long ago. Not sure it would be worth the fight. So my payback will be here in this letter.
      FUCK YOU and all of your scam artist fake little company’s,
      I worked for them for barely 4 months and saw what I saw. Went threw what i personally went threw (and YES id even say mental anguish) in just a short period of time) the rest is a lot of hearsay in the aluminum industry so these are my own experiences and nobody else’s. Wanna make that clear. Though I’d love to see this website turn into a forum for local installers that have been employed by this company to just at the very least vent here) There maybe some incorrect info from hearsay but where there’s smoke there’s fire. And I’ve written ALL fact!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Well, I’m certainly glad to have your input on this piece. I wrote this almost a year ago, and it’s taken a little while for people in the know to chime in, but I’m very pleased to hear from you. I’d be happy if this turned into a venting forum for anyone with issues with them. I’ve received many inquiries from people who’ve had issues with them, and I’ve also been able to turn many people away from doing business due to this post. I’ve been contacted privately by numerous people, and as I’ve said before, NEVER piss off a writer.

  15. nobody Bauer’s over Ina and gets away with it… NOBODY…

  16. Is this place legal? Couldn’t youngest charged for slandering a business’s name? Just curious

    • I only presented the facts as they happened. I was paid good money for a service, and this was my review of the service. People review services all the time. If they don’t like poor reviews, they shouldn’t give piss poor service. I keep good records.

  17. So there now going down slowly. Owner mark likes touching little boys. And wife has herpes! That place is a joke. Nobody in the industry respects them. Literally three quarters of employes are on some sort of drug and the others are 50-60 years old. They can lic under my ballsack. Fucking cowards

    • They’re not going down fast enough for me. I’ll be happy when they’re completely out of business. They took the first several months of our move down here to our small, dream house, and made them a nightmare. No biggie for him, but pretty major for us. I don’t hold grudges. I just remember every, single, tiny, last detail.

  18. Yes, amazing how unprofessional these people are. What goes around comes around.

  19. Still another unpleasant encounter with these thugs. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

    • Make sure you rate and review them everywhere you can. Google reviews and Yelp are great places to cut them off at the knees. No one should have to pay good money to be treated this way. Good luck to you!

  20. I also worked for Premier for FAR TOO LONG. And, yes, the owner and his c**t wife are unbelievably cruel, wicked and greedy. I gave blood, sweat, tears and far too much undeserved loyalty to them, and as with everyone else, they shit on me in the end. I am not proud to say I’ve known them for a decade and a half and so very glad to finally be done with them. “She” is Satan’s daughter — I’m convinced of this now. And at least she is a bitch to your face; “He” is a sneaky, back-biting coward who never acts true to his word after coming across as your best friend and will f*ck you over as soon as you turn around. Truly a terrible and vicious couple of “people” who go through people like toilet paper…

    • The only positive thing I can say is that “what goes around, comes around” is really true. I’ve watched this over and over again in my life, and somehow, God lets you know when justice has been served. I’m very pleased to be here for all of the employees of this heinous company, as a place to vent their torturous experiences. I hope you all find better employment. Unfortunately, you learned your lessons the hard way. However, you can steer others away form them, now.

  21. Omg, I am six months into a very large construction job with this company and after reading these posts I feel totally misled by Bauer Construction. We are having all of the same experiences you did Ina. I am tempted to find someone else to finish the job. I will start however by sending this review to the office with the pictures of the poorly, partially installed gutters and the ladders and trash they left in my yard at 2:30 on Friday afternoon yet to seen so far this Monday.

    Sounds like the 6:00 news is the way to go.

    • Good luck. Make sure they’re aware of what you’re planning to do. I’m pretty sure they’re unaware of this post. It was linked to their Facebook wall, too, and they never noticed it. Did you find this through Google? I like how it shows up quickly when you do a search for the company.

  22. We are so sorry that we didn’t google the company before we signed the contract. What they put us thought I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!!!The contract was signed in Jan. and it is finally finished as of today(May 28th).We would call and ask when they were coming and we were told the date but they never showed up. No one even bothered to call us to set another date. We would call again and no one would answer the phone!We would leave a message and still they didn’t call back.When the contract was signed the owner asked for a third. We paid that. Then we waited and waited for the pavers to be delivered.No one showed up to install them but we got a call asking for the next third.We told the owner we would send him the money as soon as we saw some work done.He told us if he didn’t get any money the job would not get done and he hung up on me!!!He new he had us so we sent the money. We just wanted this job done and him and his company out of our lives.By this time we were ready to call our Lawyer.It has taken five months to install a fifteen by thirty lanai.Never ever will anyone put us through something like this again. It was a hard lesson to learn and you better believe me all my friends and co-workers and any one we come across we tell them about our experience!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sorry you went through this, too. It taught me a great lesson about how to thoroughly research any company I deal with in the future. Keep spreading the word, because nearly 3 years after we dealt with them, I still have flashbacks.

  23. Why hasn’t anyone filed a complaint with the BBB?. That is the source we look at before we hire someone. We have a pending contract with Bauer we have not signed but stumbled on this site. I will bring this to Mark’s attention and I will be curious to hear his explanation.

    • By the time we finished our experience with them, I just wanted some peace and to be able to put an end to this heinous nightmare. This took a LOT out of us. If you’ve read the comments, you’ll see that a lot of former employees of theirs have stepped in with complaints. I doubt Mark will have much to say, as his way of doing business seems to be to ignore his customers once he has a down payment and a signed contract. I’ve also had many people on Facebook contact me due to this article, and their inability to get the jobs done in a timely manner. I initially put it on their page, and it sat there for well over a year without them noticing it. I honestly don’t know how they’re still in business. We’ve had a lot of other work done on our house since this episode, and have never had to deal with another contractor who was so shady. Of course, I learned my lesson and google the beejeebus out of anyone we do business with, now. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a huge headache. Don’t sign.

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