For Want of a Toilet Brush

Driving by Target, I decided to make a quick stop to pick up a new toilet brush since I had a few gift cards that I hadn’t used.

On my way to the household supplies, I thought I’d check to see if they had my shade of lipstick, as my local drugstore wasn’t carrying it any more. Not only did they have the right shade of red, but I was able to grab a fresh eyeliner, too.

I continued to head toward the toilet bowl brushes and passed the pharmacy area, where I surreptitiously nabbed a tube of Vagisil to aid in combating the Yeast Beast. (Thanks, Gather!) A box of Crest WhiteStrips found its way into my arms, too.

I finally made it to the cleaning supplies and decided to pick up the new, disposable and pre-loaded with cleaning goo kind of bowl brush. In fact, I decided to pick up two; one for the upstairs bathroom, too.

Those boxes were a bit bulky, so I nabbed an abandoned cart and threw in all of my purchases, making sure the bowl brushes covered the Vagisil. I then realized this put me in danger, as I also realized that I needed a curtain for an upstairs door to complete a decorating project.

I headed to the curtains and was sorely disappointed to discover that they didn’t have what I wanted. I took this as a sign to leave the store.

As I was headed toward the check-out, I passed the lamps. Glory be! I had just been looking for a new reading lamp for the den on line that very morning!

Forty-five minutes later, I’d found a lamp with a mix-n-match shade that I thought was way cool. Time to go. Then I passed the lava lamps.

Our lava lamp had quit lavulating about three days before. What good is a lava lamp that won’t spew blurpy, little balls of paraffinic joy around? A new lava lamp was put in the cart.

And a toaster.

I really had to get out of there, and I finally did. I tried really hard to pass Kohl’s on the way home. Really I did.

After I picked up three new pairs of jammies, a pair of slippers and a new robe, I left Kohl’s.

So, here I sit with my laptop, under my cool, new, reading lamp with the new lava lamp being all blobular in front of me, with perfect eyeliner and ruby, red lips and whiter teeth. I’m wearing some really cute jammies with a really cute robe, in slippers that make me look like a Chinese coolie and my parts don’t itch and I had toast for breakfast.

And my toilet bowl brushes remain in their boxes.

9 responses to “For Want of a Toilet Brush

  1. I’m lovin’ my “possibly related posts”.

  2. All of those things (most of them!) are much more fun than toilet brushes anyway! SUPER Targets are even worse!

  3. Nothing is worse than Kohl’s. I can’t come out of that store without spending at least $125. I can at least leave Target on occasion with less than $50 worth of goodies.

  4. Because it’s freaking cold where I live!

  5. The jewelry section is murderous.

  6. The jewelry department at Sam’s Club is the worst.

  7. Really! Not a member luckily!

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