Ode to Autumn

Autumn rushes in

Temperatures drop back

Sweaters are donned

Windows are closed.

Wrapping my fatness in fleece

Hiding the rolls

That tank tops firmly


Relief from embarrassment.

Scuffling through the house

In slippers.

Dust bunnies fly up

And make snot appear.

The wind whispers

At the closed windows.

What’s that smell?

The dog farts

15 responses to “Ode to Autumn

  1. Prolly wasn’t the dog.

  2. Actually, it was. She was farting while lying in the chair beside me and I couldn’t get away from it. 🙂

  3. I love your poems.

  4. Too cold to write? It is in the 30s down here!

  5. It seems like my muse is on vacation. I’m not even actively looking for her at the moment.

    Where is “down here”? I’m in Ohio, so of course it’s always cold at this time of year.

  6. Florida, home of all Halloween type birds. We’re in a cold spell.

  7. Ah, yes. The creepy bird state. My in-laws are in Ft. Myers and my stepdaughter is in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Why I’m in Ohio, I’ll never know.

    Maybe I’ll start looking for my muse next week. I want to put up pictures of my mannequin.

  8. I will never invite you to visit. Though Ohio can have creepy birds some times of the year, from what I hear. Did your mannequin have a Halloween outfit?

  9. I live right beside the lake, so it’s like I live in a freaking aviary. My fear has not decreased in the least since I moved here.

    Yes, she did. She was awesome. I’ll try to get something up about her, with pictures of course, by the end of the week.

  10. Yay! I think I would love to live there.

  11. We also have blizzards, so you might want to rethink that.

  12. HA, I thought you said “buzzards.” Do you have those too? I’m originally from Pennsylvania, so I know that I should be glad to avoid those nor’easters…

  13. After I wrote it, I thought that maybe I should have included the buzzards with the blizzards.

    We have plenty of turkey buzzards. I’m one door away from Lake Erie, so birds are plentiful. I can handle them as long as they don’t get close to me or if there’s a pane of glass between us. Buzzards, egrets, herons, Canada geese, ducks, duck hunters, eagles and every kind of small bird imaginable. It’s really an amazing place to live.

    Ah, yes. PA. My dad was from there and I have many warm, fuzzy memories of y’uns. 😉

  14. PA, home of the soft pretzel and Irish potato. How I miss it! Lake Erie sounds beautiful. We are near Tampa Bay, so we have lots of pelicans and ospreys.

  15. Tampa Bay is beautiful! There are so many unique birds for me to be terrified of when we visit down there.

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