Gray skies

A threat of rain

A feeling of doom.


Looking over her shoulder

Is he there?

Is he watching?

Heart pounding

Surreptitiously glancing about

Hands shaking

Don’t let him see me!

With a lump in her throat

She opens her Kohl’s bill.

9 responses to “Fear

  1. Ha! I love Kohl’s.

  2. Lenka ~ Obviously, I do, too! Perhaps a little too much!

    Jackie ~ A diamond and ruby tennis bracelet! When are you coming to pick it up?

  3. Here I thought it was really serious… like my Nordstrom bill…

  4. Have you seen the shoes that are available at Kohl’s? What do you mean, not serious!

  5. You have to come get it like your sister does. I play no favorites.

  6. Yes..I am here and watching…BOO!

  7. Hey, you old Sassy one! Good to see you!

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