Background information: Ina and Kevin are the owners of several animals, including a shi-tzu named Lily and a cat named Hitchcock.

From a conversation between Ina and Kevin on a recent, long car ride, out of a dead silence, comes:

I: I think Chalupa would make a great name for a Chihuahua.

K: You’re right. I don’t want a Chihuahua, though.

I: I don’t either. I’d just like to name one. I don’t want anymore pets, but I’m not done naming them.

K: Chalupa is a great name. I’ve never been fond of Lily’s name. We could rename her.

I: That’s definitely an option. How do you think she’d respond to a name change?

K: I think we’d have to change her entire image or she could be traumatized. She has to identify with the Chihuahua. What say we get her shaved down to the naked skin and start calling her Chalupa?

I: That’s a thought, for sure. We could just tell the neighbors Lily ran away, so we brought Chalupa in to take her place.

K: And then when we got tired of the name Chalupa, we could let her fur grow into little pom poms on her tail, ears and feet. We could name her Fifi and tell everyone we got a poodle.

I: Could I choose her poodle name? I don’t like Fifi.

K: Sure. And when we we’re tired of the poodle, we could get her ears and tail clipped and she’d be a mini boxer. Then we could start a game show called Pimp My Pooch. We could start a trend and people could have designer dogs. They could paint them.

I: Any plans for Hitch?

K: You mean Sinatra?

I: I should probably write this conversation down.

K: Definitely. Want to stop for coffee?

I’m pretty sure I found the right partner for life.

20 responses to “Chalupa

  1. My son and I talk like this all the time. I’m sure he’s dying to go to an out-of-state college.

  2. You’ll have to get the little one trained properly to take his place. A home without inane conversation just isn’t a home.

  3. Giggle. I knew I liked you.

  4. Ridiculosity are I.

  5. I love you guys. You know why? Well, I mean, another reason why? — I have names for the next 50 cats I’ll ever have or meet or get the chance to name. In addition to Spike and Romeo, I lay some claim to Ike and Tina, Trixie, Juno, Slick, Thomas, Panda, and Babydaddy.

  6. Great names! You also have my permission to use Ina and Kevin.

  7. I don’t think Chalupa suits Lily. Just saying.

  8. I think it would if we shaved her naked, though.

  9. Wow.

    I’m thinking of getting a Boston terrier. What do you think of Cooper? Because I thought of your car when I thought of the name.

  10. Cooper could be a good name for a Boston terrier. I’ll have to think on it some more, first. I like the fact that it’s like my car.

    Maybe you could call it Beans?

  11. We got one of our cats from an English family that was moving and couldn’t take it with them; since it had been her name all her life, we didn’t think we could change it from “Moffit.” I still don’t know what it’s supposed to means. The vet doesn’t get it either – he has her on record as “Moffin.”

  12. Recie and I have weird chats like this all the time, thats why we love you and Kevin so much, we are very much alike.

  13. Visitor ~ OK. Come clean. Who are you? I need a name, at least!

    jojo ~ Yes, we are! There’s something about writers that allows us to function while remaining firmly left of center,isn’t there?

  14. You guys could go on tour 🙂

  15. I live in Florida, where we have lots and lots of very large birds (which I admire – and seem to be in the minority here!). I like to take photos of them and other wildlife, and write stories about them (as yet unpublished). Pleased to meet you!

  16. flitters ~ Nice to see you here! Would you pay to see us?

    Lenka ~ Nice to truly meet you. Do you blog these stories? I could possibly read a bird story after I took some meds, or maybe drank too much.

  17. No blog as of yet. I also have stories about lizards and a raccoon – are they any better than birds?

  18. Anything is better than a bird.

  19. Yup, you two are meant for each other. No doubt in my mind.

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