Attack of the Killer Shoes

Initially, they started congregating quietly. Silently, they crept from the summer closet, sneaking down the hall.

Very soon, their forces were joined by the occupants of the winter closet and overflow over-the-door shoe rack.

They congregated at the top of the stairs and developed their plan of attack.  Winter shoes and summer shoes; they had a common goal.

They could have chosen to use the chair lift to go down the stairs, but opted instead for making it on their own; building stamina and strength for the battle ahead. joined with stilettoes.   The flats and the pumps were in agreement. flops and slingbacks were united.  Nothing could stop them, now.

They continued to search for their prey.  Through the pool hall they meandered, confusing the dog and the cat excessively. slippers yelled for the heels to follow their lead.  They knew where to go.

Bravely, they marched through the dining room.  Could this be where the enemy lie?, it was but a ploy to confuse and delay them from reaching their goal. couldn’t be stopped or fooled any longer!  Bravely they forged forward in search of the enemy. the corner of the kitchen they trudged, knowing they were nearing their goal.  Around the corner into the mud room, they could sense they were close.

Past the dog dish…there it was!  The attack began and they were relentless!  They kicked, stomped and dug their heels in.

The enemy was theirs.  Victory was afoot!

The ugly winter galoshes were no match for the dainty flip flops or wedge sandals.   Cute shoes will always win!, you guys better hide.  You’re next.

28 responses to “Attack of the Killer Shoes

  1. I’ve seen this attack before. They’re quite the feisty ones, aren’t they?

  2. I knew some of you had witnessed this battle in the past. I’m moving stuff over.

  3. So, when you add a few new ones…do you kill off some of the old ones?

  4. Never! I just add new places to catch the old ones. I actually wore a pair of shoes last week that I hadn’t worn for about 5 years. They felt like new shoes!

  5. Very cute, but dang that’s a lot of shoes!

  6. I don’t even want to know how long it took to put this together. A very creative way to unearth the depths of your closets, that’s for sure. 🙂

  7. Shawn ~ Did you expect less shoes from ME?

    David ~ I was very bored that day. It was a spur of the moment thing. Putting them away was the worst. I think they sat around in laundry baskets for about 3 days before I finally got around to it.

  8. I loved this there, I love this here, I love this everywhere. Are those pillars with the stenciled leaves what you’ve been painting?

  9. Yeah. I guess the ivy has been there for a long, long time. It was starting to show its’ age. Kevin has developed issues with the person who did the art work and was ready to get rid of it. They’re solid colored, to match the accent wall, now. We’re going to do some musical bars, lightly, on them.

  10. It’s okay. They’re under control now and everyone is safe.

  11. That’s some pretty hardcore shoe-on-shoe violence.

  12. I still love this, Ina. 🙂 Did you get my email message yesterday? I followed you here from Jody’s blog.

    Miss you.

  13. Also… May I link your blog to mine?

  14. Jackie ~ They really have no sole.

    Rebecca! I got your message. I have a post-it note right beside me with your info on it. I was going to email you after I study CPR for awhile. Go ahead and link us! I’m glad you found me.

  15. Ha! This hilarious, you have way too much time on your hands.

  16. jojo ~ Remember, I’m the one who passes out the meds. Be nice to me.

  17. Well, pass ’em this way, for God’s sake!

    This is probably what happened to my missing bronze Birks. They went on an expedition in the back yard and kept on truckin’.

  18. I love this playful piece.
    You have some scrappy shoes. I would have put my money on the galoshes but now I see the cute shoes have some hidden ferocity. Who knew they could organize like that? I can see I need to buy some smarter shoes, mine just loll about with no apparent concerns regarding hierarchy or where their mates are.

  19. Nice summery. I got good stuff from your site. You gave a nice summery on different types of winter shoes. That is too good. winter shoesto protect our feet from the harsh cold and prevent slipping. I am really thankful to you for that.

  20. If I didn’t already have a wonderful internet girlfriend…

  21. ABS ~ Yeah, for some strange reason, I thought of you when I posted this. 😀

  22. Thanks. There’s something odd about my behaviour of late. Your next post is brilliantly hilarious and really does match my sense of humour and yet, I don’t think I commented there. What’s up with that bit of mentalness? I just don’t know. I think I’ll leave introspecting to other people who can read my mind and then tell me what’s going on in it.

  23. I think it has something to do with the blog mentality. We all come from a place where we generally comment on just about everything. People tell me they’ve been enjoying my blog, but I’ve never heard of them. They don’t comment. I’m trying hard to learn to just read and not comment, but I’m not real successful.

    Or, maybe it’s apathy.

  24. Yeah. It isn’t so conversational here. On the other hand, it doesn’t suck as much time. It’s way less silly. Well. No. Maybe I’m just way less silly. You’re being brilliantly silly. This thread ought to go on for ages and completely devolve into another topic. OK. It’s doing that but there should be seven conversations. Exactly seven I tell you. But, I’m powerless to think up seven topics. Maybe tomorrow.

  25. Gracias. But, I’m afraid that only you and I are left here to carry on all seven conversations, and since I have to work today, you’ll have to carry them on all by yourself. Be careful while doing that. Someone may see a need to medicate you.

  26. I don’t know if this was ever posted on the orange place,if it was I must have missed it! Very cleverly done and too funny for words… 😀

  27. Thanks, Kathleen! I really need to get over here more often and look at things!

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