Apologinizing for Being Botherific

When a blockage occurs in the writercentric aspect of your braindom, you can try many remedial methodologies as a curage.


For instance, I have nothing I wish to convey through the creatical pathways of my neuronages, so I shall show couragafication and inventify some verbinage to tickle my fancifestness.  Right now, as I type these vessalages of informatical mayhem, the sheer numerosity of red underliningatudes of words that Microsoft is trying to get me to correctify in the errorishness of my ways makes me giggledy full of gleeishes. 


I could allow this choo-choo of thoughtitude to driftal in any directorial veinage that I would be desirous of.  (Querical:  Is it still considered to be badly grammaticized when ending a sentence prepositionally if only writing trashicals such as this?)


One of the reasons I need to pushify myself into writery this evening is the lack of abilitude to remain awakified while reading.  The televisionary is not amusifying due to a striking of writerific peeps.  My blogular amigos aren’t blogulating and my boredomness has reached new highnesses.


However, my realizatory informatical center tells me this isn’t the fault of my readerhood, so I shall not intrudify on your time any longulificularly.   

17 responses to “Apologinizing for Being Botherific

  1. Vicky In The Middle

    We must be on the same medications because I understood this completely. Yes, TV, like snow, sucketh. I found myself last night watching Tyra Banks for the first and last time. Thank goodness for books. I did switch books, I’m trying to act adult and stare down the guilt. Oprah is waxing crazily about the wonders of Pillars of the Earth, the first of this duo, and I agree, it was an awesome read. But that was years ago, and the sequel sucketh, like snow and TV.

    I’m trying to write here more. I like it because none of my family or friends know of this site. But, besides you, dear sister girl, I’m suffering a completely low readership. I may as well just start each post, Dear Ina,. That’s not a bad idea, maybe I will do that. Then other people will read it thinking they are eavesdropping on something they’re not supposed to see. Also, I can’t seem to make comments appear along with the article they accompany, and I don’t know how to make a Blogroll over on the side. I emailed support after going to FAQs, maybe they will help. Until later, lovely lady.

  2. What do you mean we’re not blogging? Do I not bust my ass to humiliate myself twice a week? Gawd.

    Nice use of the word realizatory.

  3. Myselfness is desirous that the networks wouldest payest the damnified writerific types already. Myselfedness’s tv contraption is dustified from lackedness of useiness.

  4. Vicky ~ I’ll see what I can do to help your numbers.

    Wanda ~ I keep forgetting to read your stuff on a regular basis because you don’t show up in my blog surfer since you went Big Time. I owe you and a few others a couple dozen reads.

    Andrea ~ I hardly ever use the televisionary, yet when it refusicates to entertaininize me, I miss it horrifically.

  5. Alls you have to do is click on the name, mamita.

    Vicky, link a sister up to your blog?

  6. But I forget to click on the name unless there’s a comment on my thread or I’m somewhere else.

  7. This is why you got to surferisize yourself in totalitude! I myself find that I have haps to trot my tinious pawlets in frequence to maintain. Mamita, you and Vicklet need to go see elissakaren.wordpress.com, she’s a bud of Dahveed and I de-cached the neither omniscient nor omnipresent’s to tell her how to linkify her name. It’s in her post on the third, I think.


  8. I think you need a heavy dose of chocolate. That will bring you right back to reality.

  9. LFC ~ I already spendify enormositudinous amounts of tickage of the clockular works here and there. I have little tickage to spend on the ruminatory ramblificatons as it is. An aged female with depreciatory numerosity of brainage cavities is challengosiferous.

    Pan ~ I was actually thinking along the lines of wine.

  10. I actually think that’s the plan for the evening.

  11. Scary! I understood exactly what you were saying!

    (If Vicky wants more readers being able to click her name would help.:-) )

  12. Vicky, your readership would be muchly helped by the addition of the link when posting a comment. See my name — if you click it you end up on my blog. Your name, dear, is not clickable.

    You can fix this in your profile.

    Up in the upper left corner where it says “My Account,” pull down the menu and click on “Edit Profile.” Once there you will see a box on the right that is titled “Contact Info.” In this box is a field called “Website.” Put the url for your blog in that field and click Update Profile. That is all. Holler at my gmail address or my phone if you need help.

  13. I have foundeth Vicky’s blogifications and I have blogrolled her.

  14. Fucktacular, indeed. I may be adding that one to my daily vocab.
    Thanks, Andrea. All done.

  15. 1) Pan is right.

    b) I was feeling bored with blogging up until just now. I invented a new name for myself in the hopes of curing it. I created a new icon. It helped me press on for a short bit — just long enough it seems.

    three) I’m glad my bladder was not full when I read this.

    IV) I found Vicky In The Middle and I’m going there now.

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