Driven to Distraction

I had a bit of a writer’s block a few weeks ago.  I’m happy to say it was solved by getting totally silly with photo essays.  Writing that nonsense opened up the floodgates for me, and my writing area is once again covered with post-it notes that contain dozens of ideas about which I need to write.  The photo essays still fly from my fingertips, but the other stuff remains stagnant.  I’m distracted by the holidays. Things are just way too twinkly. 


I’m distracted by everything December.  I type a line and stare out of the window.  When I’m done staring out of the window, I repair a couple of my nails.  It’s good to keep a nail file and clippers near your computer.  Hand lotion nearby works well, too.  A bottle of water to spray in the cat’s face when he comes to help me type is essential.


The mountain of packages in the dining room continues to await the paper, tape and ribbon treatment.  For now, I’d rather watch this TV show about making home made candy canes.  I can guarantee I will never try that, but it’s fun to watch other people do it.  It would be even more fun if they would show them trying to clean up those sticky bowls afterwards.


Back to staring out of the window.  Maybe I should give up the idea of writing something serious before the holidays are over.  Maybe no one will have time to read in the coming weeks.  My pinky nail on the left hand needs attention.  I’ll be right back.


I lied.  I didn’t come right back.  I did a load of laundry and ate a piece of cheese.  In fact, I left since I wrote that last line and returned and you didn’t even know it, did you?  That’s holiday magic. 


Yes, I’m distractible.  I can’t stay on task today.  I haven’t been able to stay on task for a couple of weeks.  The smell of balsam and cedar candles demands a drifting reverie.   The shimmering Christmas tree needs an adoring gaze fest.  Looking out of the windows at the neighbors’ light displays is more important than putting words on a page.  There have been winter storms that expected me to come play in them.  Heaven help me, but I’m even considering baking.  Maybe I should say heaven help my family.


My husband sits beside me, plucking out Christmas carols on his guitar.  I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment.  I think about the coming days and feel no stress.  The holidays will be what the holidays will be.  Aging has it’s rewards. 


I sit with the laptop and stare at a blank screen that will not fill with the type of words I’m demanding of myself.  My desktop is filling with icons for Word documents started and not finished.  I’m not worried.  The words will come. 


I think I’ll make some eggnog.  

26 responses to “Driven to Distraction

  1. I’m avoiding responsibility. I have a dozen things to do and no interest in doing them, except maybe the very last errand, which was go to Starbucks and get a gigantic Caramel Apple Spice and drink it for lunch.
    Oh, yeah, and the dishes.

  2. Oh, get me one, too!

  3. There’s an idea. I could go get some coffee.

    I think I’ll just sit instead. Maybe I’ll play some cards with some friends in an hour.

  4. Anyone want half of my chicken sandwich?

  5. meeeeeeeeeee! and some eggnog. (in a bowl,of course)

  6. Here’s a scritch for your ears, too.

  7. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…zzzzzzzzzz……..

  8. Great, now I’m distracted by the snow, your fingernails, the lawndry(hehehe), and some cheese.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Thanks for reminding me about the lawndry, jojo. I had almost forgotten!

  10. It must be something going around. I don’t even have all the decorating done yet, and have just about decided to keep it simple and quick this year.

    Just sitting and watching the lights with a Moca, seems to make the most sense.

  11. There is absolutely certainly something going around. As of this very moment, I have a blanket, several towels, a small pair of pants and a small shirt covered in vomit that needs to go into the laundry. That is something. That is something that will get done before any tree decorating gets done.

  12. Shawn ~ That seems divine. I think that’s going to be my plan later tonight.

    BGG ~ Yes, please do the laundry. Please don’t decorate the tree with vomit covered pants.

  13. I wasn’t thinking of putting my little one’s pants on the tree in either a vomit covered state or in a clean state. I rather think of pants as for wearing. I think that attitude comes from living in a frozen wasteland.

  14. I’m feeling cold and sorry for myself and it’s only about 45 degrees down here. You guys would probably slap me if I was closer at hand.

  15. I just got home from trudging through the frozen tundra that is Cleveland. You want to be real careful what you say to me right now.

  16. I’m wearing canvas shoes. What was I thinking?

  17. Foolish, foolish goat.

  18. I noticed when you got up from the computer and came back. You may be able to pull the wool over the eyes of these simpletons, but not me.

  19. I should have qualified that statement. I know you’re more astute than the average Fisher Price toy.

  20. zzzzzzzzzzeggnog??zzzzzzz………fmmfsss*wwrigggle*

  21. I’ve been here the whole time.

    Wait a minute. Where is here? No. I haven’t been. I just thought I was. And, this isn’t making even the slightest bit of sense. I must be commenting on the wrong thread again.

  22. No, this is the thread of nonsense. Or one of them. Anyhow, you’re always in the right place if you’re where you’re at, right?

    I think.

  23. I can’t believe I’m awake again.

    I wonder if that means I’m dreaming this.

  24. I’m at work, so I’m sure I’m asleep and dreaming this.

  25. I’m at work now too and I wish I was dreaming this.

  26. Home again. Time for a nap.

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