I Hated My Job Today

I hated my job today because our boss made some lame brain decisions that make no sense at all and could possibly endanger many staff members.

I hated my job today because someone I care a lot about gave her notice because she’s being dealt with unfairly due to budget cuts.  What has been done to her is ridiculous and will lead to mandatory overtime and mandatory night shifts for all of us.

I really hated my job when I saw the following sign posted where it could be viewed by all:


I then noticed a memo tacked up in the conference room:

     The Kardex has been illuminated.

It was supposed to be eliminated for God’s sake!

I later read the charting on a patient from the previous day that stated:

The patient is dillusional.  Has been focused on being discharged so he may smoke a ciggarrette.

I work with idiots.  These are supposed to be intelligent, educated people.  I changed the sign on the laundry room.  I got rid of the illumination with an angry correction above the offending line.  I couldn’t do anything about what I read in the charts but be embarrassed for all of us.

I want a new job.

24 responses to “I Hated My Job Today

  1. {{{Suzy}}} People used to go, “oh, you’re going to teach English!” and I used to say, “no, because I don’t want to end my life in prison…”

    There are things we value in this world, but language is increasingly less often one of them. I’m sorry you had such a horrible day.

  2. ((Suzy)) It’s rough when one hates their job. I hope things get better for you.

  3. I regret to say that I think this is all my fault. I work with idiots and due to my character (I rather like handing idiots rope and watching them shoot themselves in the feet with it — how they manage to do that is somewhat beyond me but it does happen), I haven’t been able to stop them from labeling other idiots as intelligent and educated.


  4. Bobby ~ I have to remember that line. It’s going to work with me.

  5. Sorry about your day.

    In my line of work, I am compelled to hire idiots. The alarming thing is that they all have college degrees and some have graduate work under their belts.

    I feel for you.

  6. That’s exactly what I meant. I make those people and I’m doing it wrong.

  7. Maybe you should look over your schematic.

  8. I’m feeling less bad about it now. I just gave a bunch of people enough rope and they did shoot their feet right off!

  9. It was only a matter of time. They walk among us.

  10. One of the reasons I left a good-paying job with excellent insurance was my boss’s insistence that idiots are OK to hire. My argument was, if they can’t spell properly on a job application, how are they supposed to find a book? If “responsible” is too difficult for them, how would they ever find authors like Haruki Murakami and Andrew Vachss?
    I’m sorry. I feel your pain.

  11. Thank you. Today brought even more distress. I really don’t know how morons get into such positions of authority.

  12. Have you read “The Peter Principle”?

  13. Oh. Man…that reminds me of a thing I did once. My boss called me into his office. He was talking about career paths and how he didn’t want to be promoted…and he wasn’t going to be. At that point, I mentioned that book to him. Heh. He was bright enough that he saw what I was saying.

  14. It’s been eons since I read it. I’m not one of these people who can retain a lot of detail from books or movies after even a small amount of time passes.

    Kevin remembers every plot line, subplot line, character in a movie, actor, director, Oscars it won, awards given…you name it. I’m not sure whether that impresses me or annoys me.

  15. I’ll summarize (since that’s really enough).

    The idea is that competent people get promoted. This keeps going until they find themselves in jobs that they aren’t good at and thus no more promotions are forthcoming. They aren’t demoted back to the job that they were good at because that would indicate that the people who promoted them made a mistake. Thus, loads of people end up in jobs that they’re crappy at.

  16. That’s perfect for my boss! I’ve never known a person more ill suited for what they’re doing, or one who has made more enemies of an entire staff. That’s pretty bad when you consider that we’re all mental health workers and pretty tolerant of people’s foibles.

    Foibles. I don’t think I’ve ever written that word before. I kind of like it. Foibles. Foibles. Foibles. It’s fun to say, too. It’s right up there with cannabinoids.

  17. Foibles is a very good word.

    I wonder if it is the ‘oi’ followed by a stop that makes it fun to say.

    I read the book when I was a little kid. I wonder if it tainted me against management for life. I’m especially wondering this since my own nine year old seems to be devoting a great deal of time studying the Dilbert Principle and reading Farside cartoons. I think I’m allowing my child to become an alien being. In a way, I’m quite pleased with that but I am sometimes concerned about the fact that the rest of the world isn’t the same brand of alien and that that might not play out quite as beautifully as it could. Then again, perhaps it will.

  18. If he’s alien, let him embrace it, now. I wasn’t allowed to embrace my other worldliness until I was much older. This made me more rebellious than is truly healthy for one trying to live in our society.

    While many people find me to be funny, my boss finds me to be highly annoying and a thorn in her side.

    On second thought, I think being a late blooming alien is a good thing.

  19. Being illuminated is soooo much better than being eliminated.

    Sorry your job is sucking right now. Makes you want to be a personal shopper, huh? Me too. Let’s do it. Turn in your notice tomorrow.

  20. That sounds like a plan. Let’s go buy shoes for each other.

  21. I’m up early. I’m having coffee. I’ve decided not to go to work this morning. I’m going shopping. I think sleeping in would have been better but I accidentally remembered to set my alarm clock last night.

  22. I was woken up by the sound of freezing rain hitting the windows. Then the dog started barking so I had to drag myself out of bed. I would have loved to sleep in today; menopause symptoms kept me awake most of the night.

    I’ll teach that dog. I’m taking her to the groomer just for that.

  23. I skipped work and went shopping. I think it was one of the best single day kind of decisions I’ve ever made. I heartily recommend it.

  24. Kevin often plays hookey to hang out with me. Shopping and having lunch together instead of sitting behind a desk is sweet.

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