Jammie Day

Yes, it’s Black Friday.  A day that has become significant to many for the hoards of shoppers elbowing each other in stores, long lines, over heated credit cards, screaming kids and frazzled nerves.  What could be better?


Jammie Day, that’s what.  I have proclaimed today to be my first annual Jammie Day.  None of that Black Friday crap awaits me; I have better things to do.


With my husband out of town and no family or work obligations looming, I will sit in front of my computer and write as long as I desire. 


I will drink pots and pots of coffee and pee lots and lots of pee.


I will stay in my jammies.


I may not even shower, but I can guarantee I will brush my teeth.


I will not put on make-up, nor will I fix my hair.


I will put on a classic rock station and listen all day, in my jammies.


I will put up the minor amount of Christmas decorations that we have chosen to represent a more relaxed and down-sized version of the holiday.  I will do this in my jammies. 


I will shop on line, in my jammies.


I will reheat a plate of leftovers for dinner, while still in my jammies.


I may build a fire tonight, or I may opt for snuggling down in the den with a lapdog and an attention seeking cat vying for my affections.


No matter what I do today, it will be done inside, where it’s warm.  It will be something I want to do that will please just me.  I will be selfish for once and not worry about making anyone else happy.


I will do it in my jammies.

16 responses to “Jammie Day

  1. I hope you had a great jammie day. My day sucked the big one.

  2. I’m sorry! Do we need to talk?

    I had a Jammie Day because my Turkey Day sucked the big one. We can be empathetic to each other. 😦

  3. All RIGHT! Someone else who avoids Black Friday. If there were more people like you, the world would be a better place, and I would be in much better spirits most of the time.

  4. Aha! I found you.

    Ooooh! I feel jealous. It has been a long time since I’ve had a jammie day.

  5. Applause! That’s a manifesto to be proud of. I’m sorry your Turkey day sucked, though.

  6. Here you are! It’s about time.
    Black Friday is definitely a stay at home day.

  7. I’ve been here for a little while. I’m just very lost. I get so excited when I see all my friendly peeps!

  8. purrrrrrrrr

  9. The whole “black Friday” thing has me a bit confused. Is this just ’cause I’m foreign?

  10. I’m half foreign and don’t get it at all. I don’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves through that to save 2.99 on a toy. Or even a pair of shoes. It’s insane.

  11. Ohhh! It’s a shopping thing. That’s why I don’t get it. There are probably TV ads too. Maybe I should start watching TV.

    Noooooooo! Ha ha ha. I make my self laugh.

    Hmm. That’s not really good is it?

    Perhaps I should be drinking on a Saturday night instead of nerding on the net.

    Ohhhh. Yeah. That would be dumb too.

    I think I’ll just love me the way I am.

  12. I don’t watch much TV or even look at the sale ads. I get most of my info on the net.

    You could drink on Saturday nights and then nerd the net. The results could be very amusing. I can usually tell when someone posted something while tippling and typing. They’re funny.

  13. I’m tagging you, hee hee hee… (rubbing hands together maniacally)

  14. Now I have to go find out what I’ve been tagged for. grrr…

  15. Jammie manifesto!
    I think this should be extended into the new year…

  16. I agree. Kevin and I had a joint Jammie Day last Sunday. He was moving a lot of furniture to the milkhouse and needed me to help. I hope no neighbors saw me with my jammie pant legs rolled over my knees (the ground was wet) and wearing clogs. I was quite the site.

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